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I challenge you to create a beautiful CSS3/HTML5 infographic :) See at the end of the article for more infos.

Why you should build your infographics in HTML5 and CSS3.

I see a lot of infographics around here, and most of them could be built only with web technologies (HTML5 + CSS3 + SVG).

Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Most of the infographics we see are beautiful, but sooooo static.
You can make them much more alive if you use the web technologies.

Interactive content

You can change the style/content of an element if the user interact with it: :hover effects, fold/unfold on click, buttons to […]

Sometimes I think we suffer from Louis CK syndrome, as in we don’t fully understand how amazing it is to live in a time where technological advancements allow all the world’s information to be accessed at our fingertips, among other things.

The Search Operators from Yuin Chien on Vimeo.

A mashup of Html5 Canvas, processing.js, jQuery, and the Google Search API, the Sloppy Google project yawns as it completes erroneous searches, expressing its apathy for its work anthropomorphically. To further hammer it home, its “I Feel Lucky” button is perennially out of service.

In the same […]

Javascript author extraordinaire David Flanagan released Canto.js recently, a lightweight wrapper API for canvas, introduced here and documented at the top of the source code. Example:



Notice three things:

  • canto() returns an abstraction of the canvas – a “Canto” object.
  • As with jQuery and similar libraries, there’s method chaining; each method called on a Canto also returns the Canto.
  • lineTo() has been […]

Raphaël. Painter. Turtle. One the back of the fact that Raphaël will continue to do great things in the JS space due to Sencha Labs funding we have another little gift.

104 MIT licensed icons:

Go check out the page and zoom in to see the vector goodness.

A propos d’HTML 5…

HTML5 has become the term for “anything cool in the browsers.” It is the new Ajax. It isn’t about what is in one particular spec


Pour comprendre le HTML 5

Les sites officiels des démos

Versions navigateurs dernier cri, avec support de la 3D WebGL

D’autres démonstrations notables…

… et les framework Javascript / Canvas pour s’y mettre !


… sans oublier l’information en continue… ;)

Jacob is back, and this time he has a cheat sheet with him. It is nice to see the Canvas API fitting on one sheet here, and I really like the images showing how things look like and work.

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Paul Baukus pointed us to an English translation of some of the amazing stuff he saw in his recent trip to Japan. In this case, it’s an emulation of 3D rendering in canvas’ 2D context:

This stuff is CPU intensive, but is a pretty nice example of what’s possible.

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Jérôme Wax has created a really nice PS3-like slideshow mashing up Flickr with Canvas to drive.

Where you place your mouse will effect the movement and speed of the slideshow from left to right. Nice and snappy.

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