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Posted by C. Amera, LifeSize Engineer

In a world where everything seems to be getting smaller and smaller, we still believe that bigger is sometimes better. On the photos team, we know this is definitely true. That’s why we’re happy to announce LifeSizeTM on Picasa Web Albums, an easy way to create and print larger-than-life versions of your photos, all from the comfort of your own home. LifeSize uses intelligent shape detection software to find the subject in your photo and automatically determines its approximate real-life height based on background scenery, surrounding objects, and […]

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Google’s document viewer has a better search feature: you no longer have to manually locate the matches in the document. After performing a search, press Enter repeatedly to find the matches or click on the arrows placed below the search box.

The document viewer is used for the PDF files uploaded to Google Docs, for PDF/PPT/TIFF attachments in Gmail, for some PDF results in Google search and as a standalone service.

For some reason, Google Docs still doesn’t index PDF files, so you can only find a file only if you know some words from its title.

Yahoo unveiled major changes to its image search service this morning and the user experience is now better than Google Image Search. Google may have all kinds of special collections (like the new Life Magazine archives) but Yahoo’s image search is just more pleasing to use.

The new Yahoo! interface includes more recommended search queries for related images than Google, a next-image picking slideshow on each image’s page, and an easy direct link to the image itself. Unfortunately, there is not a filter by copyright conditions, which is a major shortcoming.


Google’s […]

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