Scroll Wall (jQuery Mobile & Masonry)

I have made a little webApp that :

  • Get some RSS feed, parse It (With PHP SimplePie, for caching)
  • Extract Images, if found, for each item, resize it (With PhpThumb)
  • Fetch real URL for each item (With PHP Curl, for example it remove feedburner proxy)
  • Provide a JSON service used by jQuery Wall (With jQuery Masonry, for fluid arrangement)
  • Emulate an infinite scroll for the wall, if the feed got a lot of items… (With Google Reader feed you can append to the URL “?n=100“, where “n” is the number of post you want)
  • The Wall also use jQuery Mobile (Alpha release) for feed selection
  • WordPress integrated JSON service for infinite scroll…


You can watch or fork the sources on Github (JS, PHP and all  included) : (A wall of minefield ?)

If you want to take the DEMO, that here :



The two importants script files of the project are :


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