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jQuery Colonize plugin : In-between titles multicols paragraphs with CSS3

In Coding Projects,Molokoloco | 12:05 - 9 May 2013

#jQuery colonize, traverse DOM tree to find paragraphs next to each chapter, extract them and wrap them within a DIV.

Theses DIVs allow the control of multicols configuration via #CSS3.


The plugin take care to vertically split colums if it’s total height exceed viewport height. We can also include or exclude some TAGs of the selection…

The configuration can be with CSS colWidth or CSS colCount.
You can see a real example hereMy Book Readr : Etienne Chouard.


…the new “BootStrapped” plugin version …


jQuery.colonizr.js (V0.9.0)


Feel free to contribute via comments or Github :)




Real life example :


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